The research project is focused on the development of an opendata platform where the data of the indicators of social and economic interest of a territory are analyzed through interactive synthesis dashboards, with particular reference to the field

social health. In particular, the platform will make a set of indicators available in historical series, providing the data of each region, territory and sector published in open format and also accessible with interactive applications with reference to

phenomena related to well-being, quality of life and health of the citizen. The platform will incorporate an artificial intelligence / reasoning system to support the understanding and evaluation of information.

European Union

Calabria Region

Italian Republic

POR CALABRIA European Regional Development Fund 2007/2013

PUBLIC NOTICE for the financing of industrial research projects and

experimental development aimed at companies aggregated to the Innovation Poles

(Strategic Agenda – DDS 14225 of 14 October 2010 and DDS 3329 of 5 March 2013)

“SINSE +: reasoning system and tutoring on large amounts of data”

Provisional Provisional Decree Prot. General – SIAR n. 0327380 of 17/10/2014


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