Phoenix is ​​a software application for the management of tax revenue of local authorities. The system has been designed to obtain a vision of data aimed at controlling and exact knowledge of the territory. Powerful analysis tools, a sophisticated visualization and interaction environment with information and a precise and detailed historical management are the key elements of the application.

The unified database allows a constant monitoring of data, an integrated management and an immediate comparison between taxes, personal data and cadastral data. Phoenix boasts the use of the latest technologies in the field of data integration and easily interfaces with pre-existing systems extracting the information required by the calculation engines. In particular it is proposed as a powerful tool for the management of the transition from the old TaRSU to the new TIA, also allowing the inclusion of facilities and / or reductions that are rewarding to those taxpayers who, following a virtuous behavior, reduce wet waste and / or are activated for separate collection according to the methods that the Municipality intends to activate.

The system is structured in the following modules:

Ta.R.S.U. (Tax for the disposal of Urban Solid Waste)

Tia T.I.A. (Environmental Hygiene Tariff)

Ici I.C.I. (Municipal Property Tax)

Water Service

Tosap T.O.S.A.P. (Tax for the Employment of Spaces and Public Areas)

Advertising and Public Billboards Advertising and Public Billboards

Cemetery Services (Votive Lamps) Cemetery Services (Votive Lamps)

Furthermore, Phoenix follows the story of each tribute allowing the management of:

  • Real estate (cadastral data, ownership shares, connected meters, contracts and readings)
  • Taxpayers (with calculation / control of the tax code, management of the history of residence addresses)
  • Parameters of the various taxes (rates, benefits, reductions, expenses, etc.)
  • Payment folders for Ta.R.S.U./T.I.A., I.C.I. and WATER SERVICE

Phoenix allows printing, for each tribute, of:

  • Payment notices and in particular:
    • Letter to the tax payer with details of the amounts due
    • Payment slips completed in all their parts and prepared for optical loading
    • Notification of notification in case of hand delivery
    • Extract of the printout that shows the tax payer’s tax situation.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary tables (roles / lists)
  • Actual tables that take into account discharges allowing a clear view of the ‘real’ revenue of the tax
  • Comparative tables Ta.R.S.U./T.I.A.
  • Payments tabs highlighting paying and non-paying taxpayers
  • Summary reports that allow an overview of the tax highlighting the various components of the total revenue
  • Management (manual and optical) of payments
  • Contemporary management of several Local Authorities (Unions of Municipalities, Consortia, Mountain Communities, etc.)
  • Possibility of exporting data in the most common formats (pdf, xls, txt, etc.).
  • Immediate import of data from files in CNC 290 format.
  • Import cadastral data with the details of ownership, subjects and buildings.
  • Updating of the registry of taxpayers by importing files provided by the Municipal Registry in any format.
  • Automatic address normalization procedure.
  • Link with Google Maps and White Pages.

Phoenix has a sophisticated graphical interface designed to simplify the work of the end user. It is characterized by an extraordinary speed in printing large amounts of data.