“Phoenix Accertamento” is a sophisticated software platform that follows the user in the TaRSU / TIA and ICI assessment procedure.

“Phoenix Accertamento” creates a database parallel to that relating to taxpayers’ declarations (managed by Phoenix, with which “Phoenix Accertamento” works in symbiosis).

Thus it allows to compare what has been declared by the tax payers with what is ascertained by the system. The assessment takes place on the basis of the real estate registry provided by the Territory Agency and the Data provided by the Local Authority. “Phoenix Accertamento” allows the generation and the massive or selective printing of Invitations and Alerts of Assessment.

With reference to the TaRSU Assessment procedure, “Phoenix Accertamento” implements a sophisticated algorithm which, from the analysis of the historical data taken from the Land Registry and the Municipal Registry, reconstructs the history of each building in previous years. In particular, it tracks changes in intended use and changes in ownership. “Phoenix Assessment” thus generates the list of the theoretical payment folders. They represent the situation actually reconstructed by the system. From the comparison with the declared situation, represented by the role relative to the year to be ascertained, the system obtains the assessment files (for omitted or unfaithful declaration). The assessment files can be consulted and modified by the Head of the tax office.