The “eCAF” cloud platform is an integrated system developed entirely for the web. It can be used with a simple internet connection and from multiple work stations, without purchasing additional licenses. The use is fast and free of operations to be paid by the operator such as updates, backups and installations, as they are managed centrally on the servers. The platform integrates, through webservices, the ministerial controls of the data entered, allowing greater peace of mind for the operator of the collection centers in the insertion and the central CAF headquarters in the transmissions. In addition, the operator is guided in the compilation of the declaration by tax validation procedures and back office diagnostics.

“eCAF” contains the following modules: ISEE, 730, Unico-PF, Red, Inv Civ, Det, as well as a series of modules dedicated to the management of caf and remote offices.

All the modules are available for the telematic transmission of the files to the bodies in charge. A dedicated support guarantees the technical assistance necessary for greater peace of mind.

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